Spectiv. a decentralized VR platform

Advertiser Disclosure

Spectiv is a platform that enables users and organizations across the globe to stream unique virtual reality content (“VR”). Viewers can discover, share and experience the full capabilities of VR in the comfort of their homes. Spectiv’s mission is to offer VR to everyone. Spectiv enables ordinary users to stream any personal experiences with their own VR equipment. This content can range from professionally produced to casually recorded uploads. VR live streams will address sporting events, concerts, and more from premium seat proximities for a truly engaging perspective. This enables viewers to not only watch popular events, but to be fully immersed in the atmosphere remotely.

The team has developed the Signal Token Protocol. The Signal Token Protocol (“Protocol”) is designed to decentralize the buying, selling and rewarding of attention by removing the middleman from the equation. This is achieved through Ad Campaign Smart Contracts. Using the Protocol, an advertiser can use SIGs via a smart contract associated with target content. This content is now active, or “hot,” which means publishers, viewers, and curators can engage with that advertiser through the smart contract and be rewarded with SIGs for driving attention to that content. Every ad view, click, and reward that occurs is communicated to the Ad Campaign Smart Contract through a third-party oracle. The Ad Campaign Smart Contract will then autonomously distribute SIGs to the users participating in that engagement.

The total number of SIGs created will depend on how many are sold during the sale period. Once this supply is determined, SIGs will be allocated as follows:

60% Sigs Crowdsale:

SIGs will be sold through a public crowdsale at a discount to a maximum value of US$40MM. Purchasers will be able to purchase SIGs through the use of a smart contract using the Ethereum protocol. Once the sale is over, there will be no further opportunity to buy SIGs at a discount from the Spectiv Company. SIGs will be distributed following the sale and an accounting audit process.

20% Platform Reserve:

This will be held in reserve to be used as stimulus to run trials on the token protocol and establish an active ecosystem within Spectiv. These reserve tokens will be released slowly over the course of an extended pilot-testing period. In addition, the tokens will be available from direct purchases from the platform at a price to be set by the Spectiv Company, which shall not be less than the discounted price obtained in the token sale. Further guidance on this process will be elucidated in subsequent documentation prior to the sale of SIGs.

13% Management Team:

These SIGs will be reserved for the company and divided among the management team. The management team will pay a consideration of US$10 per % point for a total of US$130.

4% Escrow and Advisors:

Escrow partners and consultants will also be able to purchase SIGs at the equivalent of US$10 per % point for a total of US$40. 2% of the SIGs supply will be evenly split amongst two escrow partners for the work in using and supporting Spectiv. The remaining 2% of the total SIGs will be evenly split and offered to consultants. SIGs will be released after a 3-month period following the end of the token sale.

3% Bounties and Rewards:

This will be allocated as a reward to proactive purchase participants through a bounty campaign. SIGs will be publicly sold through a token issuance event.

The issuance will open on 12/08/2017 at 2:00PM (GMT -5) and will run through 12/29/17.

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