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In a world of rising digital content consumption where traditional media resources are losing their audience daily, brands and companies are increasing their digital marketing budgets. Nonetheless, reaching their target audience is tricky, nowadays. Recent research shows that 47% of overall mobile and desktop internet users are now using ad-blocking software. Recently, social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have seen explosive growth, connecting over 3.03 billion people every day.

Advertising campaigns continue to shift from traditional to digital marketing, and consequently, off-line marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be. However, not all digital marketing strategies are effective in reaching consumers. Influencer Marketing has been a part of the promotional campaigns of the gaming and entertainment industries for years. Ultimately, digital agencies demonstrated the value of this advertising channel to corporations and large companies.

Still, Influencer Marketing remains a complicated process for both advertisers building their campaigns and influencers seeking a way to monetize their content. Obscure and uncertain price determination, insecure transactions, non-compliance with executed agreements, fraud, lack of control and unreliable analytic instruments create challenging ROI determination. With the core team’s know-how and expertise in entertainment, marketing, analysis and product development, there is a clear vision of how to implement Blockchain and Smart Contract technology in a day-to-day solution that will resolve market needs and help develop them, exponentially.

A short list of advantages SocialMedia.Market are: Transparent and competitive marketplace, Wide  Range of platforms, reduced operational costs, easy to use, even for small businesses, reduced  resources needed for influencer campaigns, smart partnership with smart contracts, fair dispute solution, ultimate results and global outreach.

Social Media Tokens (SMT)

The market’s tokens will provide, safe escrow transactions with low fees, simplified and fast global payments, get rewards to participate in dispute solutions, get agent commission, donations method, tools for premium analytics. A user can operate the token by using the platform’s integrated wallet, import an ethereum wallet’s private key, or link an ERC20 metamask wallet to the platform.

Token holders will have exclusive access to premium platform services. Holding an amount of tokens in a wallet, will grant access to deep analytical data, exclusive insights, special advertising formats, content development tools and other important tools and data.


Participation in the decentralized dispute solution system will not only support proper advertising campaigns execution and grant equal rights to every user, it will guide platform development. Voting for such resolutions will bring rewards to token holders for active personal participating. To participate in voting, user must maintain a certain amount of tokens on his balance on a constant basis. The more active influencers join the platform, the quicker the platform evolves. The team is planning to execute several global ad campaigns to boost brand awareness and ensure the constant growth of the bloggers quantity on the platform.

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