Sapien Decentralized Social News Platform

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Sapien is a highly customizable, democratized social news platform capable of rewarding millions of content creators and curators without any centralized intermediaries. The platform is built with Meteor.js, the recommended framework for Ethereum Dapps (Decentralized Applications). The Sapien Network is powered by the SPN token and includes the Sapien Platform, the decentralized marketplace, integrated third party applications, digital content creators, and media publications.

SPN Cryptocurrency

SPN is a cryptocurrency used in Sapien to reward users for their contributions. SPN can be freely exchanged between users within Sapien and traded on exchanges. SPN can be used for social actions (posting, comments, voting, etc.), purchasing physical or virtual goods on the Sapien marketplace, and to purchase premium content. SPN will be awarded to quality content creators within Sapien, and will track a user’s reputation as their contributions are evaluated. In order to be rewarded for contributions on Sapien, a user must have staked SPN.

Unstaked SPN can be staked by locking it into a separate smart contract for a fixed duration of one year. Upon completion of the staking contract the SPN will be returned to its unstaked form. Users can choose to stake SPN tokens again to increase their capacity for doing social actions, user-to-user tips, and participating in platform and community proposals. Staked SPN is used within the Sapien ecosystem and will not be listed on exchanges.

Core Values

Core values are:

1. Democracy – Users should have the final say over their communities and should be incentivized to contribute.

2. Privacy – Targeted advertising is profitable but inherently flawed because it exploits user data and infringes on user privacy.

3. Free Speech – A fundamental principle that should be protected online with disruptive tools.

4. Customizability – Each user should be able to tailor a social experience to their liking

SPN Stakeholders

To create a truly autonomous social platform, users must have real power over the direction of the platform. Thus, one of the capabilities of the SPN token will be to give users a voice through our innovative proposal system. This will allow users to participate in organizational decisions, feature developments, and marketplace rewards. SPN stakeholders will be in a unique position to suggest and prioritize milestones on our project roadmap. With the first autonomous social platform, we can cultivate a passionate and engaged community that has the ability to change its values over time. In addition, SPN will enable users to vote on proposals within a branch, facilitating democratic decisions at a community level. Ultimately, this will enable branches to self-moderate, without the need for authoritative moderators that are the norm on similar platforms.

As Blockchain applications become the new standard, Sapien will build out a development platform powered by SPN to offer users a wide variety of app integrations and permit external apps to leverage our user base. We intend SPN to function as a unified currency for all in app purchases on integrated apps.

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