News from crypto communities June 10

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June 1

DNotes is a blockchain powered digital currency and peer-to-peer payment system. It empowers it’s users with a quickly and efficient tool to do transactions without an intermediary middleman. Dnotes has published their roadmap.

June 3

Coinomi a free, secure open source wallet has added Zcoin (XZC) support. It is an easy and efficient tool to hold your Zcoins. It uses recovery seeds, so the user controls the private keys. It is also a light wallet, so there is no waiting time for syncing and it is an easy way to get started with Zcoin.

June 4

Synereo will release an update during June, that will be the first Beta version. The Beta will ship with HTTPS, use of real AMPs, notifications, and other social functions. AMPS is the Synereo token.

June 5

E-Dinar Coin blockchain platform participated in the IBM conference “Artificial Intelligence & Innovative Blockchain Technology”. The main topic of the conference was technical changes, which bring the blockchain and artificial intelligence.

June 6

MCAP now ranks off at 60 amidst 740 crypto currencies of the world’s famous platform coinmarketcap. Ever since its launch date it has been experiencing a continuous surge in its prices on C-CEX (currently it is racing around $7).

Cryptocurrency fans can take a sneak peak of ardor, without any downloading as a demo has been published on the internet. The wallet is on the testnet, so there are no actual funds there, just use it to learn how to use the wallet.

June 7

Radium is happy to announce a new retail partnership. Through the listing on, Radium is now accepted at the House of Blue Jeans in the Netherlands. They are one of the leaders in advanced retail management with a full beta of the Omnichannel retail system.

June 8

LBRY Credits is an innovative platform for content sharing or monetizing. If you want to learn more about it, look at the top 10 anticipated features of LBRY app.

In pay-to-sudoku, one person (the “buyer”) can pay another person (the “seller”) to solve a Sudoku puzzle. The seller encrypts the solution with a key that is then hashed. Using a zero-knowledge proof ― in this case, a zk-SNARK using libsnark ― the seller constructs a proof that they have an encrypted solution to the puzzle, and that knowledge of a particular SHA256 hash will permit decryption. This is using the same algorithm Zcash uses.

Pyrus is a re-branded fork of the My Ether Wallet (MEW) code, with modifications to support the Ubiq blockchain natively. It is a client-side service, so private keys are never transmitted on the network for increased security.

ICONOMI is developing the first ever Digital Asset Management Platform for blockchains and cryptocurrencies. As part of this Digital Asset Arrays (DAA) that can be created and managed from the ICONOMI platform.

June 9

The Russian business ombudsman and billionaire politician, Boris Titov, gives a solution for entrepreneurs and growing companies. He is creating a new initiative hosted on the Waves blockchain.

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