ICO related news on 31 August

Here we have the latest posts from ICO teams.

Friday, 25

The team at Centra Tech is proud to announce their partnership with Bitsset Partners Group, one of the largest & most successful Blockchain investment/marketing companies in Korea.


Monday, 28

Proof token presale. managed to raise 1M US Dollars. See the detailed steps on this blog post:


Ahoolee is the first and foremost product search engine in the world. It uses the technology of blockchains for comparing the cost of products in various online stores. This cost comparison is usually done via a decentralized network.


Tuesday, 29

Trackr team managed to get Trackr accepted to be listed on exchanges. The ICO is in progress till 15 September.


Wednesday, 30

Enjin Coin is a smart cryptocurrency that allows gamers to create or melt-down game items, and use them across video games & website communities. Pre-sale is out live!


The CarTaxi car towing project goes on its first stage of the ICO. The project has no competitors and is the first in its kind operating service in the real sector of the economy.


In recent days, Ethereum (ETH) prices have increased by nearly 30%. As a result, this has made the cost of purchasing FLiK tokens more expensive.  To offset this, FLiK is pleased to announce that we will be offering a 2-for-1 buy for all purchases, including those that have happened prior to this announcement.


Thursday, 31

KickICO has lowered cap to 100 000 ETH. This decision was made due to ETH price raise almost to 400 $, and seems like it is expected to grow further.


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