ICO related news on 14 September

Here we have the latest posts from ICO teams.

Saturday, 2

CommodityAdNetwork has set up the road ahead and you can see a short summary of the tasks that need to be done before the end of the year 2017. It will go month by month.


Tuesday, 5

Centra Tech is proud to announce the Centra White List Program designed for the community & supporters. During the midst of a major price correction in the cryptocurrency market, ETH has dropped to sub-par levels around $300-$320. Understanding that, they have decided to add the White List program to the Token & Card Sale.


Thursday, 7

Umbrella coin, Dev team update and new path forward. There are improvements and marketing actions. https://medium.com/@umbrellacoin/dev-team-update-and-new-path-forward-43fcc0087564

It’s been a week already since the doors are open to the Real Token sale participants.


Science Blockchain To Make First Ever Tokenized Incubator


Saturday, 9

Clearpoll is an important project with very interesting implications. It attempts to solve the problem of “fake news” and more importantly “fake public opinion” by using the blockchain to handle polling in a way where the results are trusted..


Internxt, has improved it’s whitepaper. https://internxt.io/whitepaper.pdf

GAMECOIN allows the industry to profit from free users without any restrictive measures and intrusive advertising http://gamecoin.global

Monday, 11

TokenStars ACE token sale had a great start on September 10th. Learn how to sign up and join the crowdsale, how your user account is secured, and how to get the most of the bonuses.


Tuesday, 12

The world’s first Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments platform with consumer protections, UTRUST will enable the unbanked worldwide to transact with the global financial system, and predicts inclusion in the digital economy could boost GDP of all emerging economies by US$3.7 trillion by 2025. https://medium.com/@UTRUST/press-release-utrust-predicts-blockchains-will-provide-us-3-7-a6c15fcdaf89

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