Etherflyer a decentralized digital currency trading platform

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EtherFlyer is a decentralized digital currency trading platform based on Ethereum smart contracts that supports ERC-20 type tokens and other token types. EtherFlyer Exchange Server is a trading backend with high-speed performance, designed for cryptocurrency exchanges. It can support up to 10000 trades every second and real-time user/market data notification though websocket. Demo of the EtherFlyer platform is built and testing now which compatible with IE, Chrome, Firefox and mobile phones. The exchange platform is expected to be online in early 2018.

EtherFlyer consists of many contracts running on Ethereum. These contracts interact with each other to allow users to make trades. In order to use the exchange, users enter trade information and send funds to a master contract. Once this master contract receives both sides of the trade, it executes and sends the funds to the respective parties involved. EtherFlyer platform for ERC-20-compliant tokens can be directly graded online, and for non-ERC-20 compliant tokens, such as bitcoin, LiteCoin, Zcash, etc., the platform will continue to follow the development and gradually adopt different types of digital currency for cross-chain transactions.

All users holding TCASH will share 50% of the transaction fee on the platform. The handling fee will be paid in the form of ETH. The dividend will be distributed to a unified capital pool on a weekly basis. Users can withdraw cash to the user-specified address. EtherFlyer also reward a discount on the trading fee to user who hold a certain amount of the TCASH token, the more holding amount results in higher trading fee discount.

Any token that conforms to the ERC-20 can be operated online by anyone directly on the web. Officials at EtherFlyer also submit online transactions for mainstream tokens with transaction value every month. In 2018, EOS platform comes online, any tokens running on EOS platform will be supported to trade in EtherFlyer. The EtherFlyer platform will also develop, in a later phase, the relevant transaction pairs for various assets such as futures, spot and the like, requiring a real-world acceptable acceptor who may be represented by any individual or institution that makes an application and satisfies the relevant requirements. is a 100% self-funded project that did not rely on any external investments prior to and upon its launch. The new and very expansive curve of its development implies launching a token native to the platform that will provide contribution opportunities to people who share the vision and believe in the project’s potential. The name of the token is TCASH, which is a standard ERC-20 crypto token with total issuance volume of 88,000,000 only and supports all Ethereum wallets.

There are three phases for the token sale: Private Sale, Pre-ICO and ICO. The maximum number of token is 52.8 million, which accounted for 60% of the total issuance. Private Sale Phase starts on December 2, 2017, for 8 days, ending on December 9, the total amount would be 10,560,000, representing 20% of the total sales tokens, and one ether can be exchanged for 2,600 TCASH.The pre-ICO Phase starts on December 10, 2017, for 3 days and ends on December 12. The total amount of pre-ICO token is 15,840,000, counted for 30% of the total sales tokens and one ether can be exchanged for 2,300 TCASH. The beginning of time ICO phase is on December 13, 2017, for 6 days until December 18, the total amount of tokens for ICO is 26,400,000, which is counted for 50% of the total sales tokens and one ether can convert 2,100 TCASH.

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