3 Key Differences between Ethlance and Blocklancer

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The Freelancing market occupies a 35% of the U.S Workforce. But still, the freelancing life has always been difficult for the workers. Thanks to the blockchain technology there are two main platforms which improve the freelancing market: Blocklancer and Ethlance. The basics of the platforms might be similar, but they are very different. In this article we explore the difference between Ethlance and Blocklancer.

What is Blocklancer?

Blocklancer is a freelancing platform on the blockchain. What we are doing is create a freelancing platform like Upwork With Blocklancer, but where freelancers will have a guaranteed payment. So they won but ‘t have to worry anymore about thieves. Creating an account on this platform is free. As a freelancer you insert in your profile your skills and specialties, so when someone searches for a job he can find the best freelancers.

What is Ethlance?

Ethlance is a District0x governed platform. To create an account on Ethlance it is necessary to have a MetaMask wallet, and also it is necessary to pay gas for an account. This usually creates some negative impact on freelancers for the reason that they want to earn money, not spend it.

Difference between Blocklancer and Ethlance:

Ethlance does one thing, make sure that the payment arrives. But that can be improved. At Blocklancer, every LNC token holder has a place in the tribunal. The tribunal is where the misunderstandings between Freelancers and the customers are cleared. Due every token holder decides who is right, the decision made is completely decentralized. Another point, Ethlance has some freelancers on the platform but nearly none customers. You can check that due it is very difficult to see a rated freelancer. In Blocklancer they have a lot of prepared freelancers and even more customers thanks to their advanced marketing strategies. And the higher the traffic on the platform, the more it improves and expands.

Business model Ethlance

A big promotion quote of Ethlance was this:

0% Fees! At Ethlance we don’t take any fee percentage of your transfered Ether.

And that was partially true, but only partially. It is right that the platform doesn’t make you pay fees for a payment. But it makes you pay for everything else. It is necessary to pay gas when you:

  • Create your account
  • When you create a job contract
  • And even when you edit your profile


And probably more, usually after spending $20 the first day, the freelancer quits. This system makes it very inefficient for the platform to grow, and there is not a serious reason why it should.

Business model Blocklancer

At Blocklancer you won’t have to pay for anything. When a payment is accomplished a 3% fees will be collected, a 100% of these fees will be distributed to the token holders. In this way, they can establish a constant growth of the platform. Apart from the money that investors will receive, as you might know, Blocklancer guarantees the freelancers payment. This platform provides transparency, decentralization, and profit to everyone. 


Blocklancer works in a much more efficient way than Ethlancer does. Blocklancer distributes the profit between the token holders, this is very attractive for investors. Visit their website on Blocklancer.net and join the slack community to revolutionize the freelancing world.

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