CrazyBet, how smart contracts change risk into honesty

I’m sure you’ve experienced in some moment of your life this thought: “I know I’m going to win this bet against him, but he probably won’t give me the money”, and that’s how you declined that bet. This might not happen anymore.

What is CrazyBet?

CrazyBet is the secure betting website so you can bet safely against everyone in the world. This platform guarantees your safety in your bets, this creates a new betting world without misunderstandings and complete honesty.

How does CrazyBet work?

The CBET token works on a basis of smart contracts, due it is an Ethereum based token. You and your opponent put some conditions and the smart contract will automatically be written. This contract is 100% reliable so you won’t have to worry about safety in bets.

The CBET platform allows you to create 3 kinds of bets:

  • You can bet with automatic confirmation by API (Application Programming Interface): Users of the platform can bet on the weather: What will be the maximum temperature in the city X on the 15th of August?, on cryptocurrency cost: Will BTC price achieve X before the 12th October?, Policy: Which party will win the parliamentary elections in Norway?


  • Bet on the game in PvP, Person vs. Person, mode In games like StarCraft, WarCraft, World of Tanks, Call of Duty, Counter Strike and other games where there is PvP mode.


  • You can Bet with third party confirmation: In each event where it’s not possible to automate the receipt of the result, an arbitrator will be required. An example of such an event would be: Who will reach faster to a certain point?

CBET Token

Token Price (ETH, BTC, LTC, $)

($) Price is 0.09 – 0.12 depending on the cryptocurrency exchange rate.
(ETH) Price is 1 CBET is 0,0005 ETH, 2000 CBET is 1 ETH.
(BTC) Price is 1 CBET is 0.00004 BTC, 25.000 CBET is 1BTC.
(LTC) Price is 1 CBET is 0.0025 LTC, 400 CBET is 1 LTC

If you’d like to participate in the Ico you can go to and pay in Ether, Bitcoin or Litecoin.


The online gambling market by the end of 2016 it reached $45.86 billion, which is expected to reach $96.89 billion in 2024. This is a rapidly changing business which is going to grow very fast.

Betting is the most popular European online gambling product, it occupies a 37% of the gambling market.

There are still 17% of a different type of bets but there are only several services that allow them to be made.


In conclusion, this project could create more honesty between players, blockchain brings us to a new safer and better world.

For more info, you can visit their website

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Stay awesome.

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