5 Best Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators

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If you sent a Bitcoin transaction with a very low fee, it may get stuck for a very long time.

This is because Bitcoin transactions go to a so-called “Mempool” after being created, where miners pick out the ones with the highest transaction fee.

So if your fee is on the low side, miners may take a very long time until they pick your transaction.

The solution to this problem is simple: using a Bitcoin transaction accelerator.

Throughout this guide, we compare the best Bitcoin transaction accelerators and also show you how exactly they work.

Best Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators:

  1. ViaBTC
  2. BTC.com
  3. ConfirmTX
  4. 360 BTC Accelerator
  5. BitAccelerate

What Is A Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator?

Bitcoin transaction accelerators are tools used to speed up Bitcoin transactions, ensuring that they are confirmed quicker than if left alone.  

As the Bitcoin network gets congested, competition for space on the next block increases. These blocks are mined by Bitcoin miners and are used to record newly confirmed Bitcoin transactions. 

However, since Bitcoin has a block size of just 1Mb and a block discovery time of 10 minutes only the highest fee transactions get added to the next block. The transaction fee required to get mined into the next block is directly related to how much busy the network is. This can mean that during peak times only transactions with an extremely high fee are confirmed quickly.

In addition, transactions with a low transaction fee can often take a long time to confirm, since they are less profitable for miners to process. This is what led to the development of Bitcoin transaction accelerators.

Bitcoin accelerators can work in several different ways, the most basic of which work by simply re-broadcasting the transaction ensuring it remains in the Bitcoin mempool for longer. Others work by deliberately attempting to include a specific transaction in the next block using its own or a partnered mining pool.

Although Bitcoin accelerators can work, they are not an absolute guarantee, and few transaction accelerators offer a refund should the service fail to speed up the transaction. However, as a last-ditch effort, Bitcoin transaction accelerators can often be a useful tool. 

Best Bitcoin (BTC) Transaction Accelerators

1. ViaBTC

ViaBTC offers one of the oldest and most popular BTC transaction accelerators, as well as a variety of other tools for the Bitcoin blockchain.

This BTC transaction accelerator differs from many others by being free to use. However, ViaBTC also offers a paid option, which is best used for urgent transactions and those with an extremely low transaction fee

When using the paid option the fee you pay is directly related to the size of the transaction you are looking to accelerate and the size of the previous transaction before it.

As it stands, ViaBTC currently accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash 

How to use the ViaBTC accelerator

The ViaBTC accelerator is a basic two-step tool that simply requires you to navigate to ViaBTC transaction accelerator page, enter the transaction ID of transaction you want to accelerate, and click the ‘Submit for FREE’ button.

Alternatively, clicking the ‘Paid Service’ button will open an additional prompt, showing the cost of accelerating the transaction and a payment address. 

2. BTC.com

This BTC transaction accelerator is brought to you by one of the world’s largest Bitcoin mining pools—BTC.com.

The BTC.com accelerator promises a 75% chance of confirming your transaction within 1 hour, and a 98% chance of confirming it within 4 hours, regardless of the fee chosen.

Unfortunately, although BTC.com do not offer a free version of their service, it does provide a transparent overview of any fees before accelerating the transaction. The fee charged is based on the transaction size and current BTC price.

BTC.com accept a wide variety of payment methods for the service, including Bitcoin Cash (BCH), plus a number of regional payment options for each country.

How to use the BTC.com accelerator

Head over to the BTC.com transaction accelerator page and enter your transaction hash in the designated field. 

Once entered, click the ‘Estimate Price’ button and select your payment method on the next page before clicking confirm. On the next screen, send the payment to the address or account provided, after which your transaction will be pushed by the accelerator.

3. ConfirmTX

ConfirmTX is a simple, no-nonsense Bitcoin transaction accelerator that will accelerate transactions under 250 bytes for free. 

For transaction over 250 bytes, ConfirmTX will accelerate it for a flat $5 fee and states that most transactions pushed through ConfirmTX are confirmed within 12 hours. 

Like most BTC transaction accelerators, ConfirmTX will not offer a refund if your transaction fails to confirm within 72 hours. However, it will provide a credit for a free future acceleration if this happens.

ConfirmTX notes that when using its service transactions with a fee of $0.50 should confirm within 12 hours, while those with a lower fee may take up to 72 hours.

How to use ConfirmTX

To accelerate your transaction using ConfirmTX, head over to the website and enter your Bitcoin transaction has in the TXID field. Click the ‘Accelerate Now’ button to begin.

In most cases, your transaction will be accelerated for free right away. If your transaction is over 250 bytes, you will need to follow the instructions to a pay $5 fee before the transaction is accelerated.

4. 360 BTC Accelerator 

The 360 Bitcoin Accelerator is a rarity among Bitcoin transaction accelerators since it is completely free to use, with no paid option available.

However, unlike BTC transaction accelerators operated by mining pools, the 360 BTC accelerator works by simply re-broadcasting the transaction. This makes it more likely to be picked up by mining pools but is less effective than many paid-for accelerators.

The website claims to have helped speed up the confirmation of over 1,000 Bitcoin transactions since its launch and places no maximum limit on the transaction size.

How to use the 360 BTC Accelerator 

To use 360 BTC to re-broadcast your Bitcoin transaction, visit the website and enter your Bitcoin transaction ID in the form above the ‘Accelerate TX Now’’ button.

Once done, click the ‘Accelerate TX Now’’ button and you will receive a notification that your transaction has been resubmitted to the Bitcoin network.

5. BitAccelerate

Billing itself as the number 1 free bitcoin transaction accelerator, BitAccelerate can be used to re-broadcast Bitcoin transactions via 10 Bitcoin nodes to reduce its confirmation time.

The tool does not require registration and doesn’t record any data from users, making it ideal for those who want to preserve their privacy.

BitAccelerate recommends using its service to re-broadcast your transaction once every 6 hours until it is confirmed. 

How to use BitAccelerate

Using BitAccelerate is a simple two-step process. First, head over to the BitAccelerate Bitcoin accelerator page. Here, enter your Bitcoin transaction ID in the ‘TXID’ field and click the ‘Accelerate’ button to submit your transaction. 

After re-broadcasting your transaction, BitAccelerate will notify you which nodes your transaction was broadcast from. If it has still not been confirmed within 6 hours, repeat the above steps periodically. 

Alternatives to Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators

If you already sent a Bitcoin transaction and it got stuck, then, unfortunately, your only option is to resort to a Bitcoin transaction accelerator (or to increase the transaction fee yourself if your wallet supports that feature).

However, if what you are looking for is to transact value in cryptocurrency, faster, then there are 2 main options available.

The first option is to use the Lightning Network if your transaction is sending Bitcoin or Decred.

Lightning Network works by sending transactions “off-chain”, meaning that they are not recorded on the main Bitcoin chain and hence don’t come with a hefty fee and waiting time.

Transactions on the Lightning Network typically cost less than $0.01 and go through in seconds.

The second option is to use a cryptocurrency that is inherently more centralized than Bitcoin, but that sends transactions faster. Some popular options include Ripple and Stellar Lumens, which are focused on fast and cheap payments.

That said, please keep in mind that these cryptocurrencies are nowhere near as secure as Bitcoin.


In our testing, we found that Bitcoin accelerators that use a mining pool to help confirm transactions tend to perform better than those that simply re-broadcast it. In light of this, we believe that ViaBTC is the best free Bitcoin transaction accelerator around, while BTC.com’s accelerator is the best premium option.

With that said, though the transaction accelerators on this list all offer to improve the confirmation time of Bitcoin transactions, none will refund you if they fail to confirm it promptly. Similarly, others will simply broadcast your transaction, which has a low chance of actually speeding up transactions.

In time, Bitcoin transaction accelerators may become a thing of the past as off-chain scaling methods like the Lightning Network rise to prominence. By using the Lightning Network, it is possible to reduce transaction fees considerably, while improving privacy and transaction confirmation times.

As it stands, the Bitcoin Lightning Network is still in its early stages, with just over 30,000 open channels, and under 1,000 BTC in capacity. However, the technology is readily accessible and can be used by anyone willing to create a channel.

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