Top 9 Cryptocurrency Newsletters of 2020

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Cryptocurrency newsletters are a great way to stay updated on recent developments in the blockchain space and are also an excellent tool to learn new cryptocurrency-related concepts.

One of the main problems in the cryptocurrency space is that a lot of low-quality or factually incorrect content is being created on a daily basis, cryptocurrency newsletters save you time by only curating the most valuable content and sending it periodically straight into your inbox.

Cryptocurrency newsletters are also usually created by individuals that are very familiar with the space, and can hence also be a valuable method for getting exposure to challenging or controversial thoughts, two crucial components of becoming an unbiased investor.

If your routine doesn’t leave you enough time to scan several cryptocurrency blogs on a daily basis, then this curated list of the best cryptocurrency newsletters is for you!

Top Cryptocurrency Newsletters

Off The Chain

off the chain cryptocurrency newsletterOff The Chain is a brand new cryptocurrency newsletter by Anthony Pompliano (“Pomp”), founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, a management fund focused on digital assets. Pomp is widely known due to his popular account on Twitter, where he has amassed over 100 thousand followers, and his campaign to get institutions to build some investment exposure to cryptocurrencies.

The newsletter is sent out on a daily basis and is usually a combination of a relevant comment by Pomp, together with a summary of some of the most important recent developments in the cryptocurrency space.

Although the newsletter covers a large variety of cryptocurrency-related topics, it is mostly centered around analyzing cryptocurrency news for institutional investors. This includes, but is not limited to Bitcoin, securities tokens, regulations, and the intersection of cryptocurrencies and the traditional financial system.

In short

  • Frequency: Daily
  • Curator: Anthony Pompliano
  • Focus: Analyzing cryptocurrency news for institutional investors


diligent coiner newsletterAt CoinDiligent our main goal is to provide the most valuable content for cryptocurrency traders, and these values are reflected in our newsletter as well.

In the CoinDiligent newsletter, you can expect to learn new cryptocurrency investment strategies, tips on how to become a better cryptocurrency investor and entrepreneur, and also updates on the latest developments in the cryptocurrency space.

Our cryptocurrency newsletter is best suited for everyone that is investing or planning to invest in the cryptocurrency space, launching or scaling a cryptocurrency related business, or just wants to learn more about this fascinating new asset class.

In short

  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Curator: CoinDiligent Staff
  • Focus: Educating cryptocurrency investors and entrepreneurs

Long Reads Sunday

long reads sunday blockchain newsletterLong Reads Sunday is a weekly newsletter by Nathaniel Whittemore where he curates the most insightful “Twitter threads” of the week. What started out as just a large weekly twitter thread by Nathaniel (@nlw) himself, has now evolved into a full-fledged newsletter.

Nathaniel is a consultant that helps crypto companies and funds with strategy and marketing. As part of that, he spends a significant amount of time studying and researching this market, a point that has earned “Long Reads Sunday” a spot in our list of best cryptocurrency newsletters.

The Long Reads Sunday newsletter is ideal for people that want to gain a deeper insight into the thoughts of the most brilliant individuals in the cryptocurrency space. The content of this newsletter is usually focused on regulations, markets, and security tokens, and can at times get very technical, which makes it a better fit for people that are already familiar with the basics of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

In short

  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Curator: Nathaniel Whittemore
  • Focus: Summarizing the most insightful cryptocurrency-related Twitter Threads of the week

Unbankd Cryptocurrency Newsletter

unbankd cryptocurrency newsletterUnbankd is a daily cryptocurrency newsletter curated by Kyle Samera, Nick Mattiacci, and Quintin Woods. The newsletter is focused on breaking down cryptocurrency in simple terms and is hence an excellent starting point for people that are new to the crypto and blockchain space.

In the words of Anthony Pompliano, partner at Morgan Creek capital and curator of the “Off The Chain” newsletter:

“Unbankd is one of the few newsletters I make sure I read daily. Great summary of the news and key takeaways.”

At the time of writing, Unbankd claims to have 4,000+ subscribers and says that with their newsletter, it only takes 5 minutes a day to stay updated on everything crypto and to learn something new. Unbankd also has an excellent blog where they have interviewed big names like Joseph Lubin and where they share first-class educational resources.

In short

  • Frequency: Daily
  • Curators: Kyle Samera, Nick Mattiacci, and Quintin Woods
  • Focus: Making crypto simple

Invest In Blockchain

invest in blockchain cryptocurrency blogThe Invest In Blockchain newsletter compiles all of the most popular articles of this publication on a weekly basis. Most newsletters contain 4-5 recent articles that are either news-related or on the topic of cryptocurrency investment.

This newsletter is for you if you are looking for a newsletter that curates a list of the most recent articles from one of the largest cryptocurrency blogs. The newsletter is also a great fit for newcomers to the space, since the writing style of Invest In Blockchain is usually non-technical and friendly for people that are not too familiar with the topic yet.

In short

  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Curator: Invest In Blockchain Staff
  • Focus: Compiling the most recent articles of Invest In Blockchain

Token Economy Weekly

token economy Token Economy is a cryptocurrency weekly newsletter curated by Stefano Bernardi and Yannick. With over 25,000 subscribers, this is one of the largest newsletters in the cryptocurrency space. Stefano Bernardi is also the founder of UNPLUG, a 3-day retreat in the Dolomites with entrepreneurs and investors. This deep connection to the investment and entrepreneurship community is also clearly reflected in the Token Economy newsletter, which is very deserving of its spot as one of the best cryptocurrency newsletters.

The newsletter is an opinionated summary of the most interesting news and events in cryptocurrency. It is important that the newsletter is slightly biased towards Ethereum and the Ethereum ecosystem, but it also covers other communities and platforms in a very insightful way. In order to get a gauge of the writing style of the newsletter, you can check out the Token Economy blog, where you will also find some previous editions of the newsletter.

In short

  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Curators: Stefano Bernardi and Yannick
  • Focus: A weekly opinionated recap of cryptocurrency news and events

CoinDesk Weekly

CoinDesk newsletterThe CoinDesk Newsletter is a weekly digest of the most important cryptocurrency news, together with custom commentary. The emails usually start with a brief opinionated text and are followed by the 3-4 most important headlines of the week. Although not as important as the actual content, it is important to note that the emails of CoinDesk’s newsletter are beautifully styled, which makes it a lot more enjoyable to read.

The newsletter rarely dives into very technical topics and is hence a great tool for newcomers to stay updated on the latest cryptocurrency news.

In short

  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Curators: CoinDesk Staff
  • Focus: Cryptocurrency news

CoinSnacks Cryptocurrency Newsletter

coinsnacksCoinSnacks is a weekly cryptocurrency newsletter covering price analysis, exclusive interviews, and market insights. The average CoinSnacks newsletter email is over 1,000 words long, which is nearly twice as long as most other newsletters. However, the fact that the newsletter currently has 11,000+ subscribers clearly shows that this is not a problem for its readers.

If you are already familiar with cryptocurrencies and want to learn more about regulatory developments, price developments, and other technical aspects, then this newsletter is definitely for you.

In short

  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Curators: CoinSnacks Staff
  • Focus: Insights into what moves cryptocurrency markets


cryptoweekly newsletterCryptoWeekly is, as the name suggests, a weekly cryptocurrency newsletter. The newsletter is mainly focused on curating content around the topics of Bitcoin, Ethereum, exclusive interviews, and decentralized technologies in general.

The newsletter was created back in 2017 and its subscriber base reaches into the thousands, which is a clear sign of its popularity. Finally, the fact that it covers a very general set of topics, makes it a great starting point for people just getting started in the cryptocurrency world.

In short

  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Curators: CryptoWeekly Staff
  • Focus: General cryptocurrency content

Did we miss your favorite newsletter in this list of the best cryptocurrency newsletters? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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