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Are you tired of posting to social networks, with no reward? Your data is sold to advertisers, by the large known social networks to cover expenses and make a huge income. Technology now, has a solution. Decentralized blockchain based, social networks. There are some projects around, but Sphere https://sphere.social/ is something special.


The purpose of this project is, to become the largest decentralized social network. Privacy, company transparency and data security must be fundamental to a social platform. All those corporations are making off of your data. The data belongs to you, that’s why this is a problem. Decentralized social networks help you take back the control and have a say about your data.

Current method of marketing

You cannot blame anyone else than the main advertisers that focus their ineffective methods that have no guarantee of efficacy while charging large sums to let companies access the consumer’s data they hoard and hide.


Sphere wants to redefine the social platform. Large centralized servers are gone, because they are vulnerable to hackers, storing data to be used as companies see fit. A blockchain format will replace the servers, and every user is accountable for his data. The main principles of privacy and security are an undeniable rights for every user. Sphere is something more than a social network.

SAT tokens

In the platform, tokens will be used for a variety of uses. Those tokens are called Social Activity Tokens (SAT for short). Sphere is holding an open offering to celebrate the launch and welcome the digital revolution. It is offer to all those who are ready to join something special and different. This special occasion, is only available now, and once it’s over, no more SAT tokens will ever be produced.

Innovative blockchain contracts

Email became a popular way to communicate with others, reach and inform potential consumers. Unsolicited email campaigns although quickly garnered distaste while quickly earning a not so endearing title of spam or junk mail. Half of the views and clicks of viewed campaigns, has been estimated, that don’t reach a potential consumer. The only party that gains from the experience is the advertisers themselves who charge companies for the privilege of possibly reaching consumers. Sphere is disrupting this, by increasing the companies ability to directly reach their audience. Blockchain contracts will be used to make this happen.

Sphere creates a common environment in which businesses, both big and small, can directly reach their targeted audience while ensuring funds are not wasted in the process. Consumers get increased privacy, as browsing habits are not sold to the highest bidder, to earn profits from the data. Sphere is introducing an incentive program for the social network users with SAT tokens. Those Social Activity Tokens are used for transactions in the network. SAT is a Digital currency designed to be used in the Sphere network.

The advantages of the network, are:

  • The user’s are the first priority
  • Segregated cloud server with cutting edge security systems
  • Superior user experience
  • Anonymous global transactions
  • Experienced developer team


The platform contains important e-commerce features. If a user wants to sell his phone, he just takes photo’s of it, and list it with a title, description and an asking price. Any user that wants it, just clicks and sends the SAT tokens to the seller.

Ad platform

Sphere’s advertising portal will allow users to create ad pieces that can be displayed in the news feed. Advertising space will be bought with SAT tokens.

ICO details

A total of 65% of the available tokens will be sold to buyers through the ICO. 1% is reserved for development and advisory. Another 17% will be reserved for the social network and 9% will be reserved for the company.

One billion tokens will be created, and unsold tokens will be destroyed. You can find more information on their site: https://sphere.social/ To get a 50 SAT reward, sign up using this link: https://sphere.social/?ref_code=lpea2v4xvuoc

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