ICO related news on 9 October

Here we have the latest posts from ICO teams.

Sunday 1,

The early token sale for DataBroker DAO is ongoing and a number of our new community members have asked on various channels whether DataBroker DAO is taking on IOTA?


Monday, 2

On Wednesday, September. 27, BlockRx attended the premier InvestBazar & CryptoBazar event at the Rixos Hotel in downtown Dubai. The event was a huge success as we were introduced to a representative of the UAE Central Bank and key investors.


Tuesday, 3

Merchant token is a simple smart contract that allows creating a private token that belongs to its owner. Unlike some other smart contract and token platforms, creation of GRAFT merchant token does not require any programming and can be done by anyone.


Wednesday, 4

Some Blockchain projects and their respective coins have been created to fill certain niches while others are obviously unnecessary and borderline fraudulent. Not only are the tech and gaming communities tightly connected, but Blockchain technology is also able to create new features and possibilities for games, gamers and fans, allowing them to connect, compete, collaborate, and negotiate directly to unlock new revenue sources in a $109 bln market.


Thursday, 5

Russian developers designed a decentralized platform for the sale of tickets to sports and entertainment events that is expected to protect the market from profiteering and frauds.


Friday, 6

Easy-to-use smart contracts creation platform Etherparty officially launched their beta release to over 500 pre-registered users. Three smart contract templates are currently available that will enable beta testers to create their own ERC-20 compliant Ethereum tokens, a crowdfunding contract, and a multi-party escrow agreement.


Saturday, 7

Aeron’s booming Telegram chat brings more and more interesting questions from the community including aviation professionals. The team has selected several very interesting questions and answered them.


Sunday, 8

To confirm the demand for Smartlands Platform and its services, the team performed a marketing research, where 91 agricultural companies took part in the research and obtained results are encouraging – 44 of them are ready to use the smartlands services. https://smartlands.io/wp/2017/10/08/smartlands-marketing-research-shows-that-48-of-agricultural-companies-are-willing-to-use-the-platform/

Taras Semenov talked about the plans of CarTaxi at the largest international forum. During his speech, Taras Semenov spoke about the principles of the CarTaxi car towing geolocation platform, the results already achieved by the project and the market prospects.


Monday, 9

The EIDO App   reached a new high, hitting a total number of downloads of 30.000 of which 24.000 only in the last few days.


CruisAIDer – a European company, specialized on digitalization of dental clinics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, accepts Dentacoin as means of payment for its product Powercart for Intra-Oral scanning.


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