How to buy crypto with Credit Card on Changelly

Buying crypto, with a credit card is not an easy task, because of chargebacks. Changelly has added this feature with an easy to do way; We will see how this is done step by step (Bitcoin will be for example).

  • On the left field, we select the USD option
  • On the right field we select Bitcoin, in the middle we see the exchange rate and in the left field we enter the dollar amount
  • Set your wallet’s BTC address
  • Check the payment details and the select “Confirm and make payment”

The transaction is created and then, you are prompted with a screen asking you to proceed with Visa/Mastercard payment.

  • Enter your credit card details
  • Enter the phone number attached to your credit card
  • You will get a phone call and hear the four digit code that should be entered
  • You go to you banking software and see a three digit code. If you don’t see this you need to record your voice with a message “INDACOIN VERIFICATION” and send a picture of you and your passport.

That’s it! You can buy Bitcoins, without any paperwork. This is cool!

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13 thoughts on “How to buy crypto with Credit Card on Changelly

  1. How long does it take for these coins to come through? I am used to credit card purchases depositing instantly (a la Coinbase). If it takes hours or even days for the ID verification then there is absolutely no point in paying a 10% premium to buy coins from them.

    • The only advantage is the simple Know Your Customer procedure. That’s why they sell with a premium. I like simple procedures, not difficult ones, even if they are more expensive. It’s just my taste!

  2. I read your instruction to drop down the arrow, but the only option is still to buy bitcoin. No other option gives an exchange rate. What do you suggest

  3. Sorry, but I’m not impressed. Using a credit card to purchase crypto on any exchange is always going to cost a premium. Plus the limitations imposed on such transactions by both the credit card companies and the exchanges is hardly ideal. I find it cheaper and more hassle-free to use a third-party cash advance with lower fees and no hiked up interest. Then I can spend my cash however I want without all the restrictions and save money when all is said and done. Just my two cents.

    • I agree with you, but when I write articles, I must try to be helpful to others, not only serving my own interests. For many people, this is a choice they like. I have to let them know.

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