3 Reasons Why Starbase Will Be The Best of Its Kind

You might be wondering: what is the Starbase Platform? This new project wants to simulate Kickstarter or other famous crowdfunding campaigns, and I have to say, it is an amazing idea! 

By using Starbase, people unfamiliar with the Blockchain technology can easily issue blockchain tokens. This way, projects can get funded by issuing and selling their own tokens.

You can visit Starbase’s website before continuing to read if you want to look at their awesome ideas. You can also help to support the project and look at what they want to achieve. If at the end of the post you feel like you want to buy some of their tokens (because they are launching one), STAR tokens, you can learn how to buy them in our previous post: How to buy Starbase tokens? Let’s dive into the reasons why Starbase will be the greatest platform of its kind.

Starbase is the first of its kind


Being the first platform on anything has always advantage. Just have a look at Apple’s iPhone. They were the first to introduce the smartphone in the market and they are now one of the best phone makers in the entire world. The same will happen to Starbase. they are the first crowdfunding platform on the blockchain which is very important because it automatically provides a competitive advantage. 


 Crowdfunding platforms are great


Because crowdfunding validates the market, both entrepreneurs and investors don’t have to worry about taking on as much risk. You do not have to spend all of your capital into a venture which might not even have a market. With Starbase, you can test the “water” without a big investment. Now you can have fewer risks and more benefits on your ideas to make the blockchain better for the community. As the Starbase team says:


Starbase wants to be a platform where many projects can be launched using the power of the Blockchain technology.


And of course, thanks to them you can…


Launch your next big innovative idea


They are issuing their own token!

The Starbase team is developing this token funding and payment platform, where innovators like you and me can create tokens and sell them to raise funds. And what it is more important, this is done on a global scale with the use of the already existing major cryptocurrencies. These tokens can later be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

Here you can see their video about the STAR token:


The team also claims that you will be able to share long-term incentives and this platform will enable you to emulate contracts on a transparent, decentralized network. And something very important to point out is that they are partnered with a law firm that specializes in working with fintechs, so there is legal and tax support. What else can you need!


Here you can watch the video introduction to the Starbase project so that you get a closer feel to what exactly is this platform:


What do you think of Starbase? Leave us your thoughts in the comments down below! And remember that if you think Starbase will become something big, make sure you support them through their crowd sale. If you want to help the project get known, you can help through the bounty campaign and they will reward you!


And as always…

Stay Awesome!!

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