11 Best Podcasts About Cryptocurrencies

Why are podcasts important? If you are interested in investments or you are actually an investor, either on the stock market or the crypto market, then you know how important it is to know everything about the coins/assets you invest on. Information is key in investments; without it, you do not know what you are putting your money on or if that investment is worth it. Check out our other post regarding the best ways to invest small capital on cryptocurrencies if you want to know how to invest if you are new to this “world”. 


What is the purpose of the company? Why do they want to achieve their purpose? What is their vision? These are some questions that you should know before you even put a single dollar on any asset. How do you answer these questions? Simple. Read some news, blog articles about the company or project, listen to new information through podcasts, opinions from professionals and other users… In this post, I will provide you with the 11 Best Podcasts on Cryptocurrencies you can find out there for you to answer the questions you need. Let’s dive deeper:


Podcasts about Bitcoin


Let’s Talk Bitcoin!

Even though the title suggests that this podcast show will only talk about BTC, that is not true. It actually provides content on everything related to cryptocurrencies. It provides all types of information on the new digital economy and the future of money. What I like the most about this show is that they bring new participants to nearly all shows. This way you have interviews and different opinions from professionals regarding the ‘hot’ topics. Listen to all of the LTB shows.


The Bitcoin Game

This one is much newer than the previous one, in fact, up to now it only has 45 episodes by June 2017. However, that does not make this show any worse. I actually enjoy to listen this one much more, but I have to say they are longer than those of LTB. For some that might not be a problem, but for those of you who do not have too much time in hand, I would recommend you to listen to the previous podcast mentioned. Listen to all The Bitcoin Game podcasts.



With 94 podcasts by June 2017, this podcast show is definitely one of the most entertaining ones of all. If you are easily distracted (like me), then you will love this show because it is so beautiful and interesting to listen to. With every new episode interviewing people with different life stories, you will find discussions with shops or restaurants that allow for BTC payments, founders of different crypto coins,… It all happens in America where a bus travels through different states interviewing “real” people (by real I mean that they are simple and common citizens just like us) and exploring fantastic stories. All of this is backed up with talks on the cryptocurrencies. Definitely one of my favorite. Listen to all the SovereignBTC shows.


Bitcoins and Gravy

Throughout each episode John includes his own commentary, his original music and often comedic segments to keep his listeners engaged and entertained.

John has been broadcasting on the radio in the past, and he does a great job at entertaining. He uses his own music for his podcasts, however, in my opinion, he should make less use of them… Not because they are bad, but because I get distracted listening to the tunes instead of listening to the actual podcast. If you do not mind the music in the background, then this one might be the podcast you need. He usually talks about Bitcoin, but some of his shows are on other cryptocurrencies. What I find missing on the show, is that it misses new people. John should consider taking into the show other professionals either to interview them about some concepts or gather ideas from them. Listen to all the Bitcoin and Gravy shows


Epicenter Bitcoin

Epicenter takes you to the heart of perhaps the most important technological revolution of our time, the rise of decentralized technologies. 

This show does not only talk about BTC, I just placed it under the Bitcoin podcasts because of its name, however, have in mind that they have talks on everything regarding the crypto world. It has three main hosts which are really interesting to hear to in my opinion. They bring a different guest for every show, and they are people that are very comfortable with the crypto news. These are usually entrepreneurs, academics, industry experts and many others from all over the world, which gives it a more general opinion and view to the concepts discussed. This one is one of my favorites because they always bring the top people into the show, which raises a lot the level of the information provided, and makes the overall experience much better. Listen to all of the Epicenter Bitcoin shows


Other Podcasts not related to Bitcoin


The Ether Review

Are you an Ethereum investor? Would you like to know more about ETH or any other crypto news? If you are interested in it, then this is your podcast. With many interesting shows you can listen to, (67 at the moment) The Ether Review is one of the most varied podcasts of all. They do money talks,  discuss on new projects related to the cryptocurrencies and they sometimes take guests like cryptographers or people such as Erik Voorhees. Listen to all of The Ether Reviews.


The Crypto Show

This one, in particular, has more than 250 podcasts in the present, which provides us listeners to have a wider variety of content. They make very good discussions with different guests in nearly all shows. This can give us a wider response to many questions asked in the market, with the benefit of taking better decisions in our investments. Always remember that the more knowledge, the more power you have. I have to say that these shows are somewhat very extended, with around 90 minutes to listen per podcasts. If you do not mind the length, then this one is a technical but also interesting show to take into account. Listen to all The Crypto Shows.


SAFE Crossroads

This podcast is very special. It is not dedicated exclusively to cryptocurrencies, however, they have some shows only on crypto news. 

An outlet dedicated exclusively to the technology, applications, ideas, people and news surrounding the SAFE Network, the first completely grass-roots Internet with Secure Access For Everyone, where Privacy, Security and Freedom are native to the network design.

It is a podcast show dedicated to those who want to know more about the SAFE network or believe it is something that will be huge in the future. This show is specifically on this list because it is important to know what surrounds your investments. You can not buy an asset only knowing what it does or how it develops, you have to know what surrounds that asset. Having said this, SAFE Crossroads can give a wider view to those investors who want to know more about other factors affecting their assets/coins (investments). Listen to all of the SAFE Crossroads podcasts.


The Tatiana Moroz Show

First of all, I have to say that this show is not known by many, but that does not mean that the podcasts are bad. In fact, I find Tatiana a very charismatic person and I enjoy the way she approaches her talks. She usually takes two guests to her shows which make the show more enjoyable. The shows are of medium length, being around an hour. Even though I enjoy her podcasts, I have to say something, and it is that the sound quality is not great. It is perfectly audible, but it is not as good as the previous podcasts. Despite that, the content is amazing. Listen to The Tatiana Moroz Show.



If you found one of these podcasts entertaining and useful, tell us in the comment section down below. If you have not seen your favorite podcast on the list, tell the rest of the CoinNoob community, we will be happy to listen to them as well. 


And as always…


Stay Awesome!!

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